Thesis Study - 6th Year of Architecture

It is my final year at University and I am working on my thesis project. My chosen thesis is about the impact of sustainable living in an urban environment and how an 'Urban Village' might achieve such a goal as providing food for its occupants.

Follow me on my journey as I complete this project and maybe even win a prize, gain some sort of recognition, or maybe you'll just enjoy looking at the pretty pictures I produce! Either way, I hope you enjoy looking at my work and the comments I have to share.

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Sunny :p

Monday, 16 February 2009

Architecture Rocks!

yes, literally. This was carved out of solid rock by hand. I believe it is in India and have learnt that India has more than 1,200 such structures, the earliest dating to 8000 B.C.
it wont help you on your architecture course to know this, but hey at least you've now seen another meaning to vernacular construction. :p

Friday, 13 February 2009

3D images for Bond Bryan Architects

I was randomly googling a project i worked on and i came across this page:

the images are what i produced for Bond Bryan Architects! too bad i havnt got any recognition for it!lol..

Sunny :p

Thursday, 12 February 2009

My Intuitive Response

From my analysis of York and the River Foss i developed an intuitive response. I wanted to focus on 3 main points - the condition, shape and tranquility of the river. I (tried to) make a wire model (as seen below) with 3 layers showing a graphical representation of my findings.

The top layer shows the shape of the river
Middle layer shows the tranquility
Bottom layer shows the condition

Areas where undulations in the line are present represent where the tranquility or condition are negative (so flat lines are good!).

I think the model works well as it illustrates the negative and positive areas on the river Foss quite clearly, although photographs can't do it justice. For a sense of scale, the height of the model is 5cm and the width is 22cm.

Here are some more intuitive responses from other Grad Dip students (click to enlarge).

Thats all for now!

Sunny :p

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Architecture - Intuitive Response and Magic!

On tues 10th Feb we, Graduate Diploma year 1, had a 'intuitive response' show and tell presentation. Generally the idea was to make a sculptural model of some sort however it was up to the individual to find a means to portray a feeling, idea, sense of space about the site. Some people made sculptures, some made models (one that reminded me of this for some reason..) and others tried more creative ways of expressing their thoughts. One of these ways was a card trick!

Obviously being the keen videographer that I am, I was there to film this spectacle in full 720p HD glory. so here's the link. (you might want to click the video and watch it directly from youtube - there is a 'watch in HD' link which, unsuprisingly, directs you to the HD version. :)

Monday, 9 February 2009

Adaptable Architecture Gallery

A group of Brazilian architects have sent these images of a conceptual, mobile gallery, designed to travel along the river Thames in London. The project was developed for a competition organised by architectural agency Arquitectum, called London 2008, by a team of architects made up of Victor Paixao, Miguel Felipe Muralha, Paula Sertorio, Thiago Florez, Andre Mack and Bruno Castro.

The brief was to design a mobile architecture gallery which could travel along the river and pick up visitors at several locations.

here's the direct link! (click here!)