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It is my final year at University and I am working on my thesis project. My chosen thesis is about the impact of sustainable living in an urban environment and how an 'Urban Village' might achieve such a goal as providing food for its occupants.

Follow me on my journey as I complete this project and maybe even win a prize, gain some sort of recognition, or maybe you'll just enjoy looking at the pretty pictures I produce! Either way, I hope you enjoy looking at my work and the comments I have to share.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

Portfolio hand-in day (today!)

Its portfolio hand-in day today and everything is sat snugly in my portfolio ready to make its way to uni. :)

Its been a while since i posted anything uni-work related too... so here goes!

*background to the project*
The scheme is a urban retreat, a place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of modern day society. Oh, and its based in York, England. One of my images is a google Street View montage so i'll paste the link here for you to see the location for yourself too. :)

Note: the yellowish walls are made from LitraCon light transmitting concrete - it helps realise the idea of spatiality and the use of light within my scheme.

I'll post some internal images tomorrow.

Also, just so you know... these images were produced using Archicad + Cinema 4D + Sketching (yes, sketching - not sketchup (i hate sketchup!)) + Photoshop. It is quite a long-ass way to go about things, but i kind of like it. The images look completely different compared to what i'd usually produce (photoreal-ish 3D renders!). Although, i couldnt resist.. one image i'll post tomorrow could only really be done using some nice 3D software :)

front (east) elevation

section b-b

north-west view

Street-view montage

View Larger Map

comments are welcome :)

Sunny :p

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