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It is my final year at University and I am working on my thesis project. My chosen thesis is about the impact of sustainable living in an urban environment and how an 'Urban Village' might achieve such a goal as providing food for its occupants.

Follow me on my journey as I complete this project and maybe even win a prize, gain some sort of recognition, or maybe you'll just enjoy looking at the pretty pictures I produce! Either way, I hope you enjoy looking at my work and the comments I have to share.

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Boston Gets a Boa?

"Boa is a floating city within a city, and is technically feasible..."

This seems like a very interesting endeavour to build a floating city.  Although it wont solve the overpopulation crisis (predicted to be very apparent mid-century) the design aspirations are nonetheless quite interesting. Golden rectangle proportions, plentiful green spaces and the use of 'floating concrete' make this project somewhat aesthetically pleasing as well as technically challenging. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Click this link for more info! 

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