Thesis Study - 6th Year of Architecture

It is my final year at University and I am working on my thesis project. My chosen thesis is about the impact of sustainable living in an urban environment and how an 'Urban Village' might achieve such a goal as providing food for its occupants.

Follow me on my journey as I complete this project and maybe even win a prize, gain some sort of recognition, or maybe you'll just enjoy looking at the pretty pictures I produce! Either way, I hope you enjoy looking at my work and the comments I have to share.

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Sunny :p

Thursday, 26 August 2010

long time no see (well... blog!)

Hello everyone!

Yep, as the title suggests it has been a long time since I last blogged (just over 6 months to be exact!) and the reason is a mixture of uni work, uni work, relaxing, getting married, and then a tiny bit more relaxing! Yes you read correctly I got married - and was in Paris during graduation lol. (if you'd like to see some photos from the second part of my honeymoon in the Maldives, click here)

So what about your thesis project??

The good news is I successfully passed my Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture so part 2 is complete (*i smile smugly while typing this*). I'll do a separate write up of my project in the next week or so and i'll attach some pretty images too.

The bad news is the recession, meaning its going to be difficult to find a practice where I can continue my development and complete my second year of work. In fact the firm which sponsored me for my Part 2, Bond Bryan Architects based in Sheffield (an amazingly awesome firm by the way) has had to let a lot of full time staff go, so obviously it wouldnt make sense to keep a student on board let alone offer him a job after his part 2! Im not too worried tho, as I have a few other business ideas i'd like to pursue while the recession has us architects with our pants down..

The first of my ideas (as many of you already know) is Architecture4d - I just need to get the ball rolling a tiny bit (anyone reading this know a firm wanting 3D visualisations doing?lol :) All in good time...

Thats all for now,
Stay tuned for an in-depth review of my thesis project, Holbeck Urban Agriculture Centre.

Sunny :p

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